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Hitiway is one of the most diversified plastics, IT products and metal processing companies in the United States. We are a full-service manufacturing company, and our HiCarton division specializes in disposable lunch boxes, drink cups, soup cups, take-out lunch boxes and other types of food and beverage utensils.

We are not just a supplier of plastic products, we are an industrial product solutions company with the experience, expertise and capabilities to produce complex, highly engineered products and solutions for our customers. We offer a wider range of process services, from prototype to production, from custom molds to custom finished products, and we do it all in-house, making us more resourceful and responsive than most suppliers.

At HiCarton, we want you to get your product to market faster and within your budget. Whether standard or custom, we offer a wide selection of stock tool molds, as well as in-house tool engineers who can modify existing molds or design and build new tooling that meets the unique standards of your job.

Our talented product design engineers and skilled craftsmen with cutting-edge equipment work together to ensure high-quality plastic manufacturing products. In addition to OEM/ODM services, our strong technical team of engineers and craftsmen can also quickly develop prototype products for your projects. We will provide you with the most economical and timely solution for your project. We will work hard to understand each customer’s needs and look forward to providing you with not only the quality products you need, but at competitive prices.

Wholesale and Distribution Opportunities

Private Label Opportunities

Private label products provide product exclusivity and are proven to increase customer loyalty. They allow sellers and retailers to offer unique products that represent their unique brands. This builds trust with customers beyond the product and enables sellers/retailers to grow their brand in the market. Customer recognition is an important indicator of revenue growth, and private label can also provide higher profit margins because sellers can work directly with manufacturers and leverage existing products. HiCarton is your experienced and trusted source for private label and white label. We have thousands of high quality products. We work closely with retailers, distributors, wholesalers and e-commerce, collaborating at every stage of the process to create quality products. Customization options range from labels and aesthetic features to packaging. Our strong inventory and manufacturing capabilities ensure products get to market quickly and cost-effectively. We offer a variety of inventory options, including dropshipping and stocking plans. If you are interested in this, please click here.

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